Pediatric Occupational Therapy PLLC.

What is a typical OT therapy session?

A typical Therapy session is 45 minutes.Through play based activities with a "just right" level of difficulty, children will increase their strength, coordination, skill level, self confidence and competence.


We work with children 2-18 to improve their skill performance and increase their independence.


A combination of Individualized treatment sessions, home programs and school strategies is used to promote your child's optimal performance and skill development. Using a holistic approach we assess and address each child's specific needs. Therapy sessions in a safe and friendly environment will use play to help your child learn and master new skills.

​​​Spring Ahead Pediatric Occupational Therapy offers holistic, individualized, private occupational therapy to children of all ages. We provide full comprehensive evaluations and treatment in a light, open, state of the art multi disciplinary sensory gym, located in downtown Manhattan